artist: brown_sugar

folio: verdant

"Hello to Self-Love! I'm not an extrovert per say, but holding the camera in my beautiful Spring garden and snapping numerous shots made me feel a certain sense of liberation. I feel passionate about Art, be that paintings, sculptures or photos. This shoot was about having fun, relaxing and ultimately exploring myself in more ways than one. The photos are tasteful and I want to hear from others how the pictures make them feel when they see them. My body is my body and I respect it, it is the most natural thing in the world and shouldn't necessarily hidden. I don't know why, but taking pictures of myself was something that I had always had the urge to do. What was I trying to prove? Perhaps I wanted to express a concept of feminity using my own body. I love how the sunlight and shadows make patterns on my skin, it is very flattering indeed. Each time I clicked the button I felt my heart beat a little faster, I was glowing with warmth and that wasn't just from the sun shining down on me I might add. What an amazing experience. "